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Ohana Will Care About You ch 5
Kora was restless later that night as she lay in her bed in the Big Red Battleship. She was thinking about her parents and wondered where they were now but hoped they were okay.
She got out of bed and entered the main room of the ship and sat in the cockpit seat.
She heard Jumba sigh as he woke up.
"Did..... I wake you?" Kora asked him.
"No child you didn't.
I woke from a dream I had.
I sense you were thinking about your parents, yes?" Jumba answered.
Kora nodded as she wiped the tears away.
"Ih I was dreaming about them.
It was the last time I saw them in EGO's head quarters.
I need to know they're okay." she said to him.
"I'm sure they are Kora.
They're very persistent like you when you were younger." he answered her.
He then heard somebody cackle as some EGO members entered the ship.
"W-What're you doing here?" Kora asked them scared.
"We're here for Jumba.
Raditz's orders." one of them said as they managed to get him and leave.
Kora cowered as she saw them leave.
She then began to
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Ohana Will Care About You ch 4
Raditz growled as he heard that Rokai was working on a medicine formula to help Jumba with the Blitznak virus and was angry. The other members of EGO understood their leader's fury.
"Don't worry Raditz.
He won't be able to do it." a voice said as somebody entered the room.
It was Maru's son Naru.
He looked like Hamsterviel but was smarter.
Raditz smiled at him evilly.
"So you finally decided to join us Naru huh?
It's a good thing." Raditz said as the gerbil like teen nodded.
They then decided to check on Rokai to make sure he wasn't up to anything against them.....
Rokai woke from a peaceful dream but from happy memories of him and Jumba when they were kids but smiled as he realised the formula was nearly complete but saw Jumba's eyes open slowly as he came over to the bed holding a cold compress.
"Rokai....... how did you get here?
Jumba..... hasn't seen little brother in long time." he said weakly coughi
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Ohana Will Care About You ch 3
Rokai sighed lying on the couch.
It was late at night but he couldn't sleep.
There was too much on his mind and needed to blow off steam as he went out of the house and to the Big Red Battleship. Jumba was lying in bed asleep but was still sick with the Blitznak virus.
Rokai felt sorry for his brother sick and weak lying there in feverish sleep.
A tear fell from his eye.
"I wish I could help you feel better but I don't know what to do.
I'm sorry you were locked up in prison for so long and lonely.
You're the only one who cared about me apart from Mom especially when Alu was being mean." he said crying.
"Rokai you okay?" the younger Quanta Quaglian heard somebody say and turned around.
Reuben was standing there and had heard every word Rokai had said.
"H-How long have you been there?" he asked.
"A few minutes.
You care a lot about Jumba don't you?" the golden brown sandwich making experiment said as he joined him eating a sandwich.
"Ih I care a lot about my brother.
He listens to me, ta
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EX Lexi Bio
Experiment number
He looks like experiment 150, his father Clyde.
Function/ powers
Lexi has a robotic arm like Clyde which is like a Swiss Army knife like Clyde's but Lexi doesn't use his for evil purposes but to help his family and friends.
His lack of confidence and self esteem are factors which Clyde hates people or experiments using to get to Lexi but will always stand up for his son.
Lexi is very smart, even smart than Clyde.     He has the same body build and loves tacos and begs Nani to let them have for dinner a lot.
He is very smart, kind hearted, friendly, loyal and trustworthy but likes to try and make friends.
He loves reading books or having Lilo read to him but loves comics and the bright pictures and loves listening to music on his MP3 player and loves to dance.
He loves to cook as well learning recipes from Pleakley and Nani and loves Mexican food but also pizza.
His appearance is that of a mini Clyde and is very
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Ohana Will Care About You ch2
Lilo saw Rokai tremble as they approached the Pelekai house but understood after he'd explained about himself to her.
"Don't worry you've nothing to worry about Rokai.
You're ohana, family.
You are Jumba's brother right?" she asked him.
He nodded in reply.
"Ih I am but I'm not like him.
I'm not evil like he is." Rokai said as they walked up the steps and entered through the front door.
But she saw Leroy sitting on the couch taking his medicine as he normally did at this time of the day but Rokai looked nervous seeing Leroy.
"Don't worry he won't hurt you.
He's good now.
He's getting marriwed to Moopey in a few days.
Are you shy and quiet?
Don't worry we can help you." she said seeing Jumba walking around delirious wrapped up in blankets sleepwalking.
Rokai gasped seeing how sick Jumba was.
"He shouldn't be moving around.
He needs to rest." he said seeing Jumba faint but helped him into the Big Red Battleship and set up the fold down bed and put him in it tucking him in.
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Ohana Will Care About You
It was a peaceful night on the planet Quanta Quag but somebody was stargazing as usual. It was a twenty year old Quanta Quaglian with four eyes thick purplish brown skin, had long black hair that shone in the moonlight and was very smart.
He was Rokai Jukiba and he was Jumba's brother.
He felt sad especially having to pretend to be an evil genius and be in EGO or the Evil Genius Organization. He liked creating things but wasn't evil like his brother. But he was very shy, quiet and not wanting to take over the entire galaxy but he trembled as he saw somebody join him.
"Pleasant evening Rokai." the leader of EGO said.
The Quanta Quaglian shivered in fear wondering what he wanted him to do.
"Don't worry Rokai.
You're not in trouble but I have a favour for you." he said.
Rokai was hoping that it wasn't trying to break Hamsterviel out of prison but saw him smile.
"I want you to bring Jumba back here to us.
We could use his help to take over the galaxy and he cares enough about you to do wha
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Forgiveness Is Hard To Askch17
Moopey woke up as the early morning sun poured through the living room window as she tossed off the blanket and ran to the Big Red Battleship. She smiled seeing Leroy asleep chewing on a rubber toy. She was surprised to see that but laughed softly as Jumba watched his little creation sleeping soundly.
He knew Moopey still didn't trust him after what happened in the lab the day she was created but was more comfortable around Leroy and Kaimi but she was slowly coming out of her shell.
"Ih Leroy is getting stable and responding well to the medication.
I know you helped him wake up from the coma he was in." he told her as she smiled sadly stroking Leroy's fur but didn't want to wake him up.
"Yes I know." she said softly leaving him to work.
She then went into the house and into the kitchen but saw Lilo there making breakfast.
"You're up early.
It's okay Moopey, you can trust me.
Besides I know how you've felt and what you've gone through." she told the female experiment.
"You...... have?"
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Promise ch 2
It was dawn as the kingdom of Duloc woke up ready to start a new day. In a forest unaware both young Shrek and Fiona were still asleep with their arms around each other.
The sunlight hurt the young princess's eyes as she woke up. She realised she had to go home bewfore her parents and her governess woke up and realised she was missing. She couldn't leave Shrek, not right now.
But she had to tell him.
"What's wrong Fiona?" he asked her softly.
"I've got to go or my parents will be worried and search for me but if they do, they'll hurt you and I don't want to see you hurt." she answered him softly looking into his hazel eyes.
".... But you'll come back later, right?" the ogre boy asked nervous.
"Yes I'll come back, okay?" she replied as she kissed his hand before leaving him.
He blushed at that and saw her leave the way she'd came.
"T-That's the first time somebody besides my Mom did that.
She cares about me." he thought as he looked at the blue sky above.
King Harold was confused as he
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It was a clear early evening and a young but innocent ogre child was wandering through the kingdom. He'd been sent away by his parents to make a life for himself and everywhere he went, people and other children seemed to be having a wonderful time.
But not for him.
Everywhere he went, they were afraid of him and parents warned their children to stay away from him and other kids were cruel to him.
The ogre youngster felt alone and sad.
He wore only a white tunic with a brown alligator belt and vest. His hazel eyes were full of wonder but also sadness.
He longed for somebody to be his friend and to make him feel safe like his mother used to.
He then hid in the forest and sat under an oak tree.
"Why do they scorn me just because of my appearance?
I know Mom said this was normal for kids like me but I hate the lonely feelings when other kids hate me for being myself." he thought as tears were in his hazel eyes. He had no idea somebody was watching him.
He'd been warned about strange men w
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Forgiveness Is Hard To Askch16
Later that day Leroy was sitting on the hammock on the porch while Lilo, Moopey and Yuri were in hula gear along with some of the Leroy clones. Lilo was teaching them to hula and was teaching both Yuri and Moopey about Aloha Spirit and Ohana but Rueben snickered seeing the Leroy clones in hula gear dancing.
But Leroy growled seeing his so called brothers trying to hit om Moopey and growled weakly as he got off the hammock. Moopey saw him fall and ran to his side.
"Leroy you okay?" she asked as his eyes opened glowing with green light but he felt more weak as he was in her arms.
"Let's go get Jumba, okay?" the female experiment said.
Lilo saw how caring Moopey was around Leroy when normally nobody would want to touch him.
But the clones snickered as Moopey helped Leroy up and let him lean on her shoulders as they walked to the Big Red Battleship but the clones snickered as they ran into the kitchen.
They knew what made Moopey hyper active like Stitch with coconut cake. They found a box
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Finding A Place They Belongch5
Rueben woke with a jolt from a dream he'd had about Hamsterviel using the Spiritual Stone's mystical energy to take over but began to calm down as his golden brown fur was in a cold sweat and bristled nervously.
Yuna saw the fear in his deep black eyes and had a feeling he'd had a bad dream.
"You okay?
You look like you had a bad sleep.
What...... were you dreaming about?" she asked him softly as he sat at the table.
He sighed before answering.
"It was about Hamsterviel using the energy of the Spiritual Stone to take over the universe and those I care about were in danger and I couldn't do a thing to help them because I was afraid.
I am a coward after all with no self esteem and zero confidence.
I only feel safe around Gantu and the ohana because I know that nothing can beat us when we're together." he answered softly.
But Yuna understood how he felt because she remembered that Hamsterviel had tried it before only Stitch had stopped him with help.
"It's okay Rueben.
Last time that was
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After Today
Artie sighed as he woke up in his dorm room. It was the last day of school in Worchester. Thoughts were in his head as he walked out of there.
They've been laughing since I can remember
But they're not gonna laugh anymore
No more Artie the geek
No more goof of the week before....
He was nervous as he walked into the campus. Other kids were watching him.
No more homework till September.
He saw kids working and studying for finals.
No more looking at losers like him.
Lance cracked his knuckles as he and the jousting team laughed at Artie.
No more having to cheat.
No more mystery meat.
"Hey got the answers for the final!
Want some?
You'll pass with amazing grades and nobody would know." a kid told Artie stopping him.
"No thanks Mealagant." he replied on his way.
He saw kids throwing up or throwing away trays of breakfast and laughed a little.
The stew always tasted funny.
No more gym
No more gym
No more gym.
Nosebleed and Headgear, two geeks were making fun of the Gym coach in front of ot
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Finding A Place They Belongch4
Jumba was woken from sleep by the noise of the transporter as light flashed. He'd been asleep in the cockpit seat in the Big Red Battleship as he was surprised to see it was Gantu.
"How did you get here?
Where's 625 and Kaikoo?
Marina and Kiri worried along with Roxy." he told him.
Gantu understood as he saw sadness in Jumba's eyes.
"I decided to escape from Hamsterviel but need to find Rueben and Kaikoo.
Who knows where they are or what's happening to them?" he said as Jumba smiled as he gasped seeing where Gantu had sent Rueben and Kaikoo.
"Haven't been to Okinawa in a long while since Stitch crash landed there.
Need to tell him and Lilo that they're there." he thought as he and Gantu went into the house for breakfast.
But Kiri gasped seeing Gantu with Jumba and tears of joy were in her eyes.
"H-How did you get back?
Roxy and I were so worried!" she told her husband as she hugged him.
"Hamsterviel suckered Rueben and I into helping him but Rueben and Kaikoo escaped but they're in Oki
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Finding A Place They Belongch3
"It's been a long while
Did..... Stitch come with you?" Yuna asked Rueben as he stared at her.
She looked different than she had the last time he'd seen her but she'd been a little girl like Lilo.
"Nope he didn't.
He's back in Kauai with Lilo and the rest of the family.
But I need your help.
Gantu sent us to Earth to escape from Hamsterwheel but he sent Kaikoo and me here instead of Kauai but I figured you could help us but if you don't want to, that's okay.
I understand.
What've I done to deserve your help?" the golden brown experiment said looking away from her.
She knew that he along with Gantu had helped Hamsterviel but the two weren't evil. She knew that Rueben was holding up a tough sarcastic front but inside just wanted to know somebody cared about him and that he needed a hug.
"You're ohana.
You and Gantu were never evil.
Hamsterviel used the two of you." Yuna said as she approached him and hugged the golden brown experiment.
Tears fell from his eyes at that.
Arigato Yuna
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Finding A Place They Belongch2
Hamsterviel was irked by what Gantu had done by sending Kaikoo and Rueben to Earth by using the transporter but the captain had erased where they went so Hamsterviel wouldn't find them and they'd be safe. He hoped they were okay but he sighed as Hamsterviel yelled angrily at him.
"I hope they got there okay.
At least Hamsterwheel won't find them." he thought as he checked on the computer as he linked up to Jumba's computer when Hamsterviel was gone.
In the Big Red Battleship at the Pelekai house, Jumba was surprised by this but wondered how Gantu had been able to do this.
"I sent Rueben and Kaikoo through the transporter to Earth so they should be with you soon.
Marina will be happy along with Roxy and Kiri." the captain answered as Jumba understood.
"Ih Gantu.
We'll await their arrival excitedly." Jumba said but switched the computer off before Sukai saw and told everybody in the family.
He decided to keep it a secret because he didn't want to dash hopes.
But he had faith that they'd
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Finding A Place They Belong
It was early morning in Hamsterviel's ship but Gantu was unhappy and angry that he and Rueben were tricked into working for Hamsterviel once more as he watched the sun rise but sighed. His former boss had tricked him and Rueben into coming back by threatening to hurt those he and Rueben cared about but it had been a few years since that fated night but he walked into the galley room and smiled softly.
Rueben was sound asleep in his bed with Kaikoo, Gantu's young son. He had stowed away that night in his friend's back pack but Rueben looked after him for Gantu and comforted him but he heard gentle moaning come from them.
"Ssh...... stay asleep.
It's early." he whispered stroking Kaikoo's brownish hair along with Rueben's fur.
He sighed as he watched them sleep while Hamsterviel was off somewhere bothering the Galatic Council and making fun of them.
"Maybe it'll be better if I got you and Kaikoo into the transporter away from here and you'll be safe from Hamsterviel and get Lilo and the
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United Kingdom
Hey everybody I'm Ogrechild21. I love to read fantasy/ manga as well as write fantasy novels. As you can see, I'm a huge Shrek freak and it's something I can't help. I am a Tarus but hate that but love my Chinese star sign which is Year of the Dragon which I love since I love dragons and mystical creatures along with Shrek and aliens like Stitch and his cousins. I am in college about to start my National Diploma in Music but my instrument is my voice but when performing, I love singing things from musicals especially Wicked and High School Musical. I'm a secret Stitch fan as some people here knoweth but I'm an open Shrek freak.

I love writing and always am able to finish notebooks fast but also have my own mystical world called Aria which is protected by Ogre Child, my Arian alter ego and her husband Jen Shui the Ogarian Knight.

I might post some Aria stories on here too.

I'm friendly but shy with a big imagination.

That's me in a nutshell. I hope you check me out.

Current Residence: UK
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Size 14
Print preference: Unsure
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks, Power pop and punk
Favourite photographer: Unsure
Favourite style of art: Manga/Japanese and animation
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: I Pod
Shell of choice: Blue
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Skin of choice: Green
Favourite cartoon character: Gaara, Reuben, Leroy, Raven, Toph Bel Fong
Personal Quote: Ogrechild shoots, she scores!
I know a lot of people on here and Fan Fiction are enjoying my latest Stitch fic Forgiveness Is Hard To Ask and I decided to do a little bio about Moopey my newst fan experiment and possible OC for a certain experiment.

She was created a week ago before deciding to start my fic.

She was created by Jumba or Dr J as my fave experiment Rueben calls their creator and father but he never finished her so at the start of the fic, she has no powers and most of the other experiments mocked her for that especially Angel but later on she gets her powers which she has plenty of but will reveal themselves in time but so far she has the powers of masquerade where she can change into any thing by will and doesn't need a photo or to know their worst fear to do it.

Her second power that has revealed itself is Emotion Venting.     Her powers are powered by whatever emotion she's feeling like if she's angry, her eyes glow red and fireballs can shoot out of her hands or when she's sad, her black fur goes aqua blue and her powers and energy are weakened until she's happy.

She has black fluffy fur with swirly long black and purple antennae, a purple heart mark on her belly, extra arms and spines like most of the cousins but has soft teeth and bluntish claws like Rueben.

Her personality is friendly yet lonely since most of the experiments don't know her very well and didn't want to know her because of her lack of powers and no desire to destroy like my fave experiment.

But only two experiments are her friends after she arrived in Kauai on Earth, 627 or Kaimi and Leroy.    Leroy saved her from a dog catcher trying to take her to the pound and flipped over the truck but was weakened by the Quanta virus but ever since then, they've been friends.   Moopey can see and understand Leroy unlike the others.

She sees he's lonely.

Her favourite things are music, reading, writing and wanting to improve on her confidence and friendship skills.   She's very shy and has trouble making friends since she goes invisible if there's anybody apart from Leroy and Kaimi in the room but she's also part ghost and can go through walls.

She loves eating exotic foods and likes new foods but her favourites weould be Oreos, sushi, kalamari, peanut butter and pancakes along with toast.
  • Listening to: Ashley Tisdale
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  • Watching: Maybe Lilo and Stitch
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